Thursday, 9 April 2015

BUY THIS NOW (if you can): Bourjois Nude Sensation Foundation

When I saw this foundation at the Bourjois launch, I was unimpressed.  Only four shades?  Open pot packaging, inviting germs and nasties?  Slightly passe mousse formula?  Ha.  HA.  (said I).

Yeah, I was totally wrong.

Okay, not entirely wrong, because there are only four shades, and if you're not a pale-to-medium-skinned white person, you won't find a match here.  That's pretty crap.  And the open pot packaging is still a little bit icky, particularly given that the bouncy-mousse formula (definitely more modern than the Maybelline-established mousse trend of yore) invites fingertips, not brushes.

But you know, I'll take all those things for that amazingly lightweight, natural matte but still glowing, soft-focus, surprisingly long lasting finish.  A finger-swipe's worth blends beautifully and silkily across the face (much easier, again, with fingers than with brush), sets down into a velvety matte finish, and stays that way all day.  Which, for a mere £9.99, is very impressive indeed.

If you fit into one of the four available shades (I'm 41, Nude Clair, btw), this stuff is very definitely worth a try.  If not, you should petition Bourjois until they expand the shade range.  Find it now at Feel Unique, who have it exclusively until mid-May, when it'll become available at all the usual stockists.

Disclosure:  PR sample

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  1. I thought exactly the same as you, especially as 41 looked pretty orange in the pot, but it's surprisingly pale once applied and a really lovely formula!


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