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Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Cosmic, Ether, Solstice and Scorpio

Urban Decay have added four new shades to their Moondust Eyeshadow range for spring, and very pretty they are too.  Although, not very spring like, because they're not a) pastel b) soft and shimmery c) polished neutrals.

Packaged in Urban Decay's statement New York subway token compacts, they're at once sturdy and lightweight.

Clockwise from top left:  Scorpio, Ether, Solstice and Cosmic

Clockwise from top left:  Scorpio, Ether, Solstice and Cosmic

The shadows themselves are, as ever, ultra sparkly, with a glitter finish which isn't at all chunky, rather using fine particles for what Urban Decay describe as a 3D finish.  Obviously, no-one has 2D eyelids, so take that with a pinch of salt.

Left to right:  Scorpio, Ether, Cosmic, Solstice
Scorpio is a matte black with gold sparkle, and it makes for a great smoky eye with a twist.  Ether is a gorgeous plum-purple base with purple, lilac and pewter sparkle - just the kind of shade that makes the green in my eyes pop.  Cosmic is the least exciting of the four - it's a shimmering white with white-gold and silver sparkle.  Wearable enough, but nowhere near the statement that the other shades are.

Of these four shades, Solstice is the one that calls to me - it's a lovely, reddish pinky brown base with a stunning light green shimmer which flips from barely there to POW GREEN as you move around.  This red/green duochrome shift is nothing new - I have a few nail polishes with this exact shift - but this is one of the better eyeshadow versions I've seen.

It's also surprisingly wearable, being essentially a warm brownish base, with added interest from the green sparkle.  It catches the light delicately and pairs well with neutral blusher and pink lipstick for a polished but not boring look.

The formula of Moondust Eyeshadow means that you'll get fall out regardless of whether you apply with a brush or your fingers, and if you look carefully at the photo above you'll see I've got a smattering of greenish glitter under my eyes.  It's not awful, though, and I've found that using a firm bristled brush and dabbing rather than blending the colour makes for less fall out.  You can also slightly dampen the brush for a slightly more intense finish, and even less fall out.

All in all, these shadows are glorious if you love a bit of sparkle - Solstice is my pick for unique, wearable glitter which plays nicely with stronger lip shades.  At £14 each, these shadows are expensive, but for the beauty and uniqueness of the finish, I think they're worth it, particularly for shades like Solstice and Ether.  Find them now at the Urban Decay website.

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