Sunday, 15 March 2015

GOSH Forever Lip Shine in Fluffy Feeling, Spring Fling, and My Valentine

Oh look!  A crayon style lipstick!  How original.

Original or not, GOSH's Forever Lip Shines are a great budget crayon option - and they pack more of a punch, pigment wise, than you'd think.  They're also a little slimmer than the Crayon That Inspired A Hundred Launches, taking up a little less space in your handbag, but feeling a tiny bit less substantial as a result.

Fluffy Feeling, Spring Fling, My Valentine
Fluffy Feeling
Spring Fling

My Valentine
The three shades I tried out are Fluffy Feeling, an adorably named nude/pink, Spring Fling, a glorious pink/coral, and My Valentine, a classic blue toned red.  Fluffy Feeling is a lovely nude shade - I like my nudes with a hint of pink to avoid washing my pale skin out, and it's just perfect.  The biggest surprise of the bunch was My Valentine - talk about pigment!  The swatch above is with a good single pass over the lips, and the coverage is that of a lipstick rather than a glossy crayon.

Wear wise, Forever Lip Shine is impressive - I get five or so hours of colour before it fades away entirely, with the glossy finish disappearing between one and two hours after application.  The textures are somewhere between balmy and waxy - there's enough substance to make them feel a bit weighty on the lip, but they're in no way uincomfortable.

At just £6.99 each, these little sticks are a great budget lip alternative - and they're currently buy-one-get-one-half-price at Superdrug, making it all the more appealing to pick up a handful.

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  1. They're all lovely reds but I think my favourite has to be Spring Fling


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