Saturday, 14 March 2015

MUA Spring Break Palette

Makeup Academy, or Mooooo-uh, as I like to call them, are a brilliant brand to turn to if you're looking to experiment with new colours on the cheap.  Their latest spring collection contains one of their gloriously cheap and surprisingly well pigmented palettes - this latest one is called Spring Break.  It avoids the usual matte pastels, which most brands seem to turn to for spring, rather going for soft, flattering neutrals paired with equally soft and flattering pops of gentle colour.

MUA also sent me one of the new Spring lipstick shades, Barely There, which is a very pale beige which made me look like a corpse.  So we'll gloss over that.

Texture wise, these shadows are surprisingly soft and blendable for a palette which costs a mere £4.  Some of the shades are a little on the powdery, crumbly side, and you'll definitely need a primer to get them to stay in place all day.  Of the twelve shades, most are shimmer finish, with a couple of matte and sheen shades thrown in.

The top row boasts plenty of fresh neutral shades, with a lovely matte pink-brown on the left and a surprisingly soft golden copper in the middle.  Second from the end is a lovely icing pink with a dusty, beige base, which is absolutely perfect for that polished, subtle look.

The bottom row has a little more colour to it, but I was pleased to find that the pale green, khaki and purple shades on the right hand side were soft rather than full on - they're a very wearable take on colour.  That khaki shade in particular will be incredibly flattering on brown and blue eyes.

Granted, the packaging is cheap - there's no mirror, the plastic is thin and brittle rather than chunky and heavy - but this palette really delivers if you're looking for a soft spring look which isn't pastel.  Particularly for a mere £4!  Find it now at the MUA website.

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  1. I agree about the packaging being a little cheap but I am always surprised at the quality of MUA palettes & this new Spring release looks lovely. Especially the bottom row of colours


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