Monday, 2 March 2015

Kiko Generation Next: Glassy Lipgloss in 06 Sensory Fuchsia and Frosted Look Lipstick in 01 Herald Rose / 02 Brisk Mauve

Kiko's Generation Next collection contains some really interesting products - Meterorites-a-like powders, cushion eyeshadows (more on them later) and some surprisingly interesting lip products, which I'll be waffling about today.  There are two formats in the collection - lipgloss, in the form of Glassy Lipgloss, and lipstick, in the form of Rosetto Frosted Look Lipstick.

First off, the cardboard outer packaging for these products (and in fact all of the products in the Generation Next range) are a little bit interesting too - they aren't standard rectangular cases, rather having another plane along one side.  Functionally, it makes them hard to stack up (I bet any suckers for symmetry in store struggled to set them out nicely), but it does add a slightly higher-end touch to a brand which usually puts all its investment into the prouduct.

Inside the packaging, the products themselves are nicely designed too.  The lipgloss is a pretty standard lipgloss, but the Rosetto Frosted Look lipsticks are a little bit different from the new ubiquitous stick format, boasting a shaped bullet which makes them easy to apply and a bit more like an actual lipstick.

Again, swatched, the lipgloss is a pretty standard lipgloss - it's glossy, slightly shimmery, medium in pigment, and light on the lips without a hint of stickiness.  The lipstick is the opposite of what I'd expect from something called Frosted Look - I was expecting a metallic, frosty finish, but actually they're semi-matte and creamy in their finish.  Not a bit of frost here, not at all.  The second shade, Brisk Mauve, shown at the bottom of the swatch, is a lovely cool toned mauve-pink which is probably my favourite nude lipstick of the year so far - subtle but still done enough to look polished.  The texture is surprisingly lightweight too - I barely feel it on my lips when I wear it.

As usual, these products are very well priced - both the lipstick and the lipgloss are £7.90 each.  They're both nice, but my pick is the lipstick - well worth trying if you're looking for a variation on the stick format with a usable twist, and neutral but not corpse-like colours.

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