Wednesday, 4 March 2015

BUY THIS NOW: ELF Studio Prism Eyeshadow Palette in Sunrise

I bought this simple-looking black palette on a bit of a whim whilst stocking up on my favourite ELF HD Powder - mostly because it had a lovely selection of pink, purple and rosy taupe shades, and it looked like it would have a lovely sparkly metallic finish.  Admittedly the packaging is simple but effective - black plastic, large mirror, dreaded sponge applicators - but when you're paying a mere £10 for six eyeshadows, you'd rather cheap packaging, right?

Inside, six shades of powder eyeshadow - white, warm rosy peach, golden taupe, gold, rosy taupe, and purple.  The texture is surprisingly soft and creamy - like many cheaper shadows, there's a slightly emollient, oily base present in the formula - and it blends beautifully, albeit with a little bit of highly sparkly fallout.

And OH, those third and fifth shades!  Trust me to buy a beautifully sunset themed palette and gravitate towards the taupes, but they're both so pretty - highly metallic, smooth to apply, and perfect paired with strong lipstick.  The other shades are also lovely - the white makes for a good inner corner highlight, and the gold/peach/purple shades make for a lovely colourful but still flattering gradient.  But those taupes!  So wearable.

I love this palette for the glorious finishes, the excellent pigmentation, the buttery blendability and those lovely shades.  I love it particularly because it's so damn cheap - £10 buys you a whole lot of eyeshadow.  Find it now at the ELF website.

Disclosure: Bought by me. 

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