Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Bite Beauty BB for Lips in Dolce

Here's another thing I really didn't need but bought anyway at Sephora whilst in the States on a work trip.  Starting to sound a bit familiar?  I just can't help myself when I'm away for work - I try to lighten up the long hours by buying unnecessary makeup, and this one, whilst unnecessary, is still very lovely and quite unlike anything else I have in my lipstick drawer.

Bite Beauty's BB for Lips is a super hydrating, creamy lipstick with a bit of a tint.  Well, a bit more of a tint, Dolce (which looks dark purple in the tube) gives a not-too-sheer, juicy plum tint which is actually a little bit vampy without being all out goth.  The texture is my favourite part of it - soft, buttery, creamy, a little bit waxy at the same time - it's a texture more usual in lipstick than treatment tints.  Most of my other tinted balms are, well, balmy.

It's pretty, super hydrating, and wears well, sticking around for a couple of hours before fading evenly away.  For a treatment product, I'm very impressed - it's up there with Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments as a lip treatment product which doesn't compromise on colour.

Now for the sad news.  Bite Beauty is pretty impossible to get hold of in the UK.  Thankfully Sephora now ship to the UK, so this'll cost you £17.17 (including import duties) - expensive, but rather worth it in my opinion.

Disclosure:  Purchased by me.

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