Friday, 13 February 2015

Clinique Chubby Contouring: Hefty Highlight & Curvy Contour

Another day, another variation on the Chubby Stick.  These two are part of Clinique's latest Hello Cheekbones collection - unsurprisingly it's about subtle contouring to make the cheekbones pop, and also includes some rather lovely sculpting powder blushes.  If you prefer your contouring creamy and quick, though, these two products are great - Hefty Highlight is an icy, silvery white and Curvy Contour is a deep, warm brown.  Delivered in the same blunt-nosed format as the blush Chubby Sticks, they slick on in a creamy line, and are easily blended with the fingers for a sculpted result.

Unfortunately, Curvy Contour is too warm and brown based for my pale, cool toned skin.  The swatch makes it look very, very brown, and indeed, if you apply with anything but the lightest hand you may find your cheekbones look muddy rather than sculpted.  The good news is that the intensity and depth of colour means that Curvy Contour works on a wide variety of skintones, so long as you're careful about how much you apply.  Hefty Highlight is lovely - a soft, silvery shimmer which blends beautifully into the skin.  It also works well on brow bones and the Cupid's Bow (that indented bit on your top lip).  Use sparingly on darker skintones to avoid shiny-robot-face.

At £19 each, I can't help but feel that these Chubby Sticks are an expensive way to get your contour on.  A little does go a long way, but compared to the Smashbox Contour Kit I wrote about earlier this week, you get two shades of Chubbies for £38, whereas you get three powders and a brush with the Smashbox version for £35.  If Clinique were to offer them as a pair for £25ish, they'd be much better value.

If you're not a die-hard Chubby lover, or if you're looking for a complete contouring solution, you can probably find better value contouring products elsewhere.  If you just love the Chubbies, want a single contour or highlight shade, or want something portable, these might be right up your street.

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