Friday, 6 February 2015

Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector in Coral, Red and Rosewood

Coral, Red, Rosewood

Clarins' Instant Light range has been a bit of a favourite for those looking for a soft tint, a subtle bit of gloss, and a whole heap of moisturising action, with the original tubes giving way to both an oil and these lovely stick versions with their latest spring 2015 collection.  Like the tube versions, these stick balms give a soft wash of colour, albeit without the milkiness, and like the oil, they're mega hydrating.

Of the three products, these are my favourites - for two reasons.  Firstly, the tube format is easy to use - twist up, smush onto the lips, done.  The colour is subtle enough that I even feel comfortable applying them without a mirror, Secondly, they last really well - I get a couple of hours of soft, slippy feeling lips before the balm eventually absorbs completely and disappears.  After use, my lips definitely feel softer and more hydrated.  Bonus points for being a bit more glossy than the original tube version, and less high-shine than the oil.

Rosewood is my favourite colour - it's a soft, tawny-pink which gives a subtle my-lips-but-better effect.  Red is a good gateway red for those looking for something softer than a full on red, and Coral adds a little bit of brightness - I suspect I'll be using it a lot more in summer.

At £18, they're expensive, yes - but if you're looking to splash out on a lip product you'll use all the time, they're worth it.  And they're still miles cheaper than By Terry's tinted lip balms, after all, so you definitely could be more indulgent if you wanted to.  Find them at the Clarins website now.

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