Monday, 26 January 2015

Tom Ford Black Orchid

I picked up Tom Ford's Black Orchid Eau de Parfum at a recent 10% off sale at Debenhams - it definitely was a 'want' purchase rather than a 'need' purchase, particularly at £52 for a 30ml bottle.  It's absolutely gorgeous, though, and well worth every penny, especially if you're a lover of deep, mysterious, spicy fragrances.

The first spritz opens with a flash of bright white flowers, with an almost nose-quiveringly strong alcoholic note.  Behind that initial assault, there's a slight pepperiness which slowly deepens and becomes richer as it warms into the skin.  Once it's developed, there's a lovely warm richness to it, with the tiniest taste of bitter chocolate wrapped up in spices and vanilla - but it's saved from being a gourmand fragrance by the subtle citrus notes which freshen it up, and a hint of amber which works with the spices to make it feel entirely rich and grown up.

I've used the word 'rich' a lot in this description, and that's the scent I live with whilst I wear it - rich, sumptuous and spicy.  It's very grown up, a bit sultry, and very, very unique.  I love it.  Not quite as much as I love Tobacco Vanille, which still smacks me round the face with its sheer intensity every time I wear it, but as a slightly less heady day-to-day fragrance, Black Orchid is fabulous.

Disclosure:  Bought by me.

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