Sunday, 18 January 2015

Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick in Virgin

I'm a fan of Illamasqua's newest lipstick formula, Glamore - it's much more comfortable to wear than their original, intensely matte formula.  This shade is called Virgin, and it's a classic true red with a satiny finish and a lovely comfortable feel on the lip.  The fact that it's a collaboration with the reddest of airlines, Virgin Atlantic, might have passed you by, since Illamasqua do like to name their lipsticks in a semi-sexual manner, but a collaboration it is - Virgin's cabin crew wear this shade to match their red uniforms.

Side note - my stepson thinks that an excellent alternative career for me would be to work on Virgin Atlantic, because I have red hair, and that would clearly give me an advantage in the application process.

Anyway - if you're looking for a comfortable red lipstick at a mid-range price (£18.50 does seem to be a mid-range price nowadays), this is a good one to try.  Add to that a decent 4 hour wear time before softening down to a muted ruby stain, and you've got a good all round classic red.  The fact that it's from a home grown brand is a bonus, too.

Find it online and in-store at Illamasqua now.

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  1. Gorgeous red lippie! It sounds like a good formula & I like that it has a satin finish


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