Monday, 22 December 2014

Surprisingly Good: Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm in Enticing

I was buying some new Revlon lipliner for my eyebrows the other day, and I decided to take advantage of a buy-two-things-get-a-lipstick-free offer.  I chose this rather lovely ColorBurst Lacquer Balm, and I chose to buy yet another red shade - completely unnecessary, but hey.  For a mere £7.99 you get a chunky, Chubby-like pencil which delivers surprisingly pigmented colour, with a lovely comfortable feel on the lip and a tingly peppermint flavour.

Having a balm-like base, it's somewhat caring on the lip - I've worn it a few times and found that my lips remained soft and hydrated during the entire wear time.  The obvious downside is that the wear time itself isn't amazing - a couple of hours after application I find I have a soft ruby red stain, which is nice in itself, but not quite as lovely as the opaque, satiny red lip above.

All in all, I'm impressed with ColorBurst Lacquer Balm - it's comfortable, and looks a lot more expensive on the lip than it actually is.  If you're looking to experiment with brighter colour, or you just want a good whack of pigment which isn't drying and you don't mind sacrificing wear time, this is definitely a product to try.  Find it at Boots now.

Disclosure:  Received free because I bought some other Revlon products with my own cash.

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  1. Very pretty! Shame it doesn't last longer though.

  2. You look so gorgeous.


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