Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Models Own Disco Pants in Roxy, Paradise Garage and Studio 54

Studio 54, Paradise Garage, Roxy
Roxy, Paradise Garage, Studio 54
Ah, Models Own, that's more like it.  After the promise of super-bling nails from the Diamond Luxe collection, which never quite delivered, it's refreshing to find a new collection which delivers on everything it promises.  And which has a cool name.  Disco Pants, how much cooler can you get?

The Disco Pants collection promises, pretty much, to look like your nails are wearing disco pants.  If your eyes have been spared these in-your-face trousers, I can tell you that they're satin textured, stretchy wet look trousers which I would never wear, because they'd highlight every bump of cellulite on my arse.  Anyway - as with the notorious pants, this nail polish promises a pearlescent, metallic finish and smooth application with no cellulite emphasis at all.

And they deliver.  Studio 54, the bright, almost neon-glowing-pink of the bunch, looks almost exactly like some disco pants, and the emerald green of Paradise Garage comes close but suffers from brush marks thanks to its slightly more metallic finish.  Roxy doesn't really look like disco pants at all, but I'm prepared to forgive it, because it's glowing, purple/blue/gold glass fleck finish is very, very pretty indeed.

As usual, these little glowing beauties are £4.99 (much cheaper than disco pants).  Find them at the Models Own website.

Disclosure:  PR samples.  Was not wearing disco pants whilst writing post, promise.

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  1. That purple is a beautiful shade. The pink looks almost NEON.

  2. I'm looking for black kohl loose powder. Do you carry that and, if not, would you know where I could obtain it?

    1. This is a blog, not a shop. Try Guerlain!


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