Friday, 21 November 2014

Models Own Diamond Luxe Polishes in Oval Plum, Emerald Green and Radiant Pink

So, it's taken me quite some time to get round to reviewing these Models Own polishes, due to my nails being in a pretty terrible state, which led to me buying some nail wheels for swatching, and unfortunately not noticing that they would come from China, which led to a four week wait.  Ahem.

Anyway, I now have some nail wheels, so you're spared my splitting, peeling nails and my bitten cuticles, and can focus just on the prettiness of the polish.  In this case, the polish is indeed pretty - albeit a more subtle kind of pretty than I was expecting.  Models Own's recent Diamond Luxe collection contains "real diamond dust" for a "completely unique, multi-dimensional super-sparkly finish".  And that's where I'm unconvinced - the sparkle is definitely there, but it's subtle, appearing more as a slight glow than anything "super sparkly".

Unfortunately I think Models Own have talked me out of this in the way they've marketed these polishes - if they'd said Diamond Luxe meant a lit-from-within finish with a subtle sparkle, I might have been tempted to buy a few more.  If you tell me something is super sparkly, though, and it's not, then I'm not going to be anything other than a little disappointed.

If you're looking for subtle, glowingly sparkly polishes in a myriad of jewel tones, give Diamond Luxe a try.  If you're looking for multi-dimensional super-sparkly finishes, you're probably best off looking elsewhere.  Still, at least they cost the same as the regular range - £5 is still a reasonable price to pay for a well pigmented, smooth application polish, super-sparkly or not.  

Disclosure:  PR sample

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