Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches Styling Products

Looking back over some old photos in my camera, I realised I'd not written about Michael Van Clarke's 3 More Inches styling products.  If you read my post about the haircare system, you'll know that the aim of the products is to keep the hair healthy over the long term so it doesn't need to be chopped off - hence, 3 More Inches.  The styling products are additive to that - they help you style your hair (obviously) whilst adding more health-giving goodness into the mix.

Sounds a bit vague, yes, but over the past six months I've found myself reaching for these more often than their non-3 More Inches counterparts.  The Volumising Mousse, £12.50, adds volume and curl definition without crispiness, the Holding Spray, £12.50, doesn't leave my hair feeling stiff, and the Thickening Blow Dry spray, £17.50, really does add thickness, whilst also leaving my hair bouncy and soft.

The only one I'm not convinced about is the Finishing Feed wax, £23.50.  It's a heavy wax, fairly solid in texture, and I really struggled to scrape out enough with my nails to tame my hair, before I got bored.  The wax itself is creamy and thick, but it's just bloody difficult to get out of the tub.

If I had to pick one product to re-purchase, it'd be the Thickening Blow Dry spray, for its heat protecting, nourishing, thickness-giving formula.  It's also not wildly expensive for a brand which positions itself as pretty high end.

Disclosure:  PR sample

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