Friday, 7 November 2014

Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment Mask

Glamglow has certainly made an impact on the beauty industry since their launch last year - they've taken the previously simple mud mask and made it luxe.  VERY luxe.  15ml for £25 luxe.  The latest variety is the Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment Mask, which contains little scrubby bits which you can use for a good exfoliate as you wash it off, which is a nice addition.  The squashing together of the words tingle and exfoliate is less nice, but hey.

Side note:  I didn't think it was possible to trademark something as generic as "Hello Sexy".  I shall inform my husband before Glamglow's lawyers come after him.

Anyway, opening the (reasonably sized) box immediately presents a problem - whilst the box is a normal mask sized box (you know, looking as if it holds a decent size pot), the mask itself is tiny.  Seriously tiny.  Given how chunky the tub is, the amount of product included really is minuscule.  A minuscule 15ml, to be exact.

Here it is in my hand.  Small, eh?  I don't even have particularly large hands.

Inside is a khaki green mud with bits of black stuff in it - I've failed to find out what they are, so little black bits they will remain.

And here I am, before, during and after my Youthmud experience.  Because this mask is SO expensive, I found myself applying the tiniest possible amount to my face, which may be why it started drying almost immediately.  I found the scrubby bits made it a little difficult to spread the mask smoothly across the skin, too.

My stinginess and scrubby bits aside, I can't deny that this stuff works - my skin is a million times more radiant, and much, much brighter after use.  It also looks smoother, and I found that moisturiser and foundation applied beautifully over my skin post-treatment.

It is, still, incredibly expensive, and at £25 for 15ml that means each treatment will cost you around £6, assuming you use the tiniest amount possible each time.  At that price, this stuff will only ever be a special occasion product for me - before weddings or times of many photographs, yes - every Sunday night, no.  If you're keen to see how bright your skin can go, you'll find it at M&S.

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  1. I've been meaning to pick this up. Might have to pop into M&S tomorrow and finally test it out.


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