Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A new lash favourite: Max Factor Clump Defy Extensions False Lash Effect Mascara

Max Factor's latest mascara features a ridiculously long name, and also a curved brush with those spindly plastic bristles which you just know are going to give you fantastic definition.  Add to that a somewhat dry, super black formula and you end up with a mascara which is surprisingly versatile - a single coat gives natural definition, two coats gives a wide eyed, fluttery lashes look and three coats plus takes you into serious night-time volume territory.

The most impressive part is that even if you leave each coat to dry fully before applying the next, you won't end up with clumps.  This is partially due to the closely placed, plastic bristles, and partially due to the dryish formula - it's hard to overcoat the lashes such that they stick together.

Of course, all this layering means that if you like to go straight to serious volume, you'll be layering up more than you might want to.  If, however, you like the option to build up the volume slowly, this is a great mascara - it's very, very difficult to overdo, and gives a very polished, defined finish.  For that, I don't mind a bit of layering.

Find it now at Boots, where it costs a very reasonable £11.99.

Disclosure: PR sample

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