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Urban Decay Limited Edition Pulp Fiction Collection

Urban Decay have released a limited edition collection inspired by Pulp Fiction - to mark the 20th anniversary of the film's release.  I can't believe it's been 20 years - although I do remember quite clearly being around 13, bringing the video home, and my Mum immediately switching it off when we got to the shooting up scene.

Anyway - the collection may be emblazoned with Pulp Fiction, but it's really about Mrs Mia Wallace, the film's feisty front woman.

Top row: Furious; Middle row: Righteous, Tyranny, Vengeance; Bottom row: Anger
The centerpiece of the collection is this eyeshadow palette, £17.50, which has a sturdy cardboard casing with various Pulp Fiction quotes on it.  Given that the collection is so Mia heavy, it's a little odd that the quote on the front of the palette is from Jules.

Anyway, inside the palette you get a reasonably sized mirror and five eyeshadows - Righteous, a creamy bone matte; Tyranny, a warm brown matte; Vengeance, a deep matte brown; Furious, a slightly shimmery white; and Anger, a matte black.

Righteous, Tyranny and Vengeance are all great for a smoky, moody matte eye look, but I'm not quite sure what Furious and Anger are doing in the palette - they don't add much, come in a tiny split palette, and Anger is really the most underpowered black matte I've ever seen.  Bear in mind that the eyeshadows in this palette are all super soft, almost crumbly, making them very easily blendable, but quite likely to fall on your cheekbones in the process.

The curveball of the collection is the Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner in Gunmetal, £14.  Mia didn't wear glitter eyeliner in the film, but Urban Decay think she would have done if Heavy Metal had been available in the 90s.  The clear gel base with silver and grey glitter adds a subtle shimmer to the lashline, and thanks to the soft, bendy brush, it's easy to apply.

Wearing Righteous, Tyranny and Vengeance on the lid, with Gunmetal Heavy Metal glitter liner over black eyeliner along the lashline.
Wearing Righteous, Tyranny and Vengeance on the lid, with Gunmetal Heavy Metal glitter liner over black eyeliner along the lashline.

And finally, my favourites from the collection - the lip and nail products.  There's a Mrs Mia Wallace lip liner, £13, a Mrs Mia Wallace Revolution lipstick, £15, and a nail polish, £10, named... oh, yes, Mrs Mia Wallace.  They're all the same shade of deep, cool, blood red, which is absolutely perfect for winter.  The lipstick and lip liner apply smoothly, and give a very highly pigmented finish which lasts for hours, and is almost weightless on the lip.  The nail polish has a teeny tiny thin brush, meaning you'll have to work quickly to get a smooth finish, but the slight shimmer makes it look like your nails are glowing from within - simply gorgeous.

Finally, this is what Mrs Mia Wallace may have looked like if she were a bit plumper, and had pink hair.  Perhaps.

All in all, I loved the lipstick and nail polish from this collection, and I reckon they're the must-buy picks.  I was pleasantly surprised by the liner, but I'm not sure I'll wear it every day, and whilst the eyeshadow palette contains some lovely, wearable day-to-night shades, I can imagine they're shades most makeup lovers already have in their arsenal, and there's nothing new enough about the palette to make it really stand out, particularly given the somewhat wasted pan in Furious/Anger.  Find it now online, or at Urban Decay counters - but don't delay, it won't be here forever!

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  1. Love that lipstick! It looks great on you.

  2. OMG!!! I super love the lippie. Love the color and the pigmentation. Wearing this kind can make you look sexy and hot :)


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