Thursday, 9 October 2014

Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick in Leila

I made my first foray into Marc Jacobs cosmetics whilst on holiday with the kids in Florida over the summer.  I took my 9-year-old stepdaughter into Sephora, and bought this colour on her insistence - her name is Leilah, and this shade is called Leila.  Close enough!

The format is a pretty standard twist up stick, albeit with a blunt, flat end rather than the pointy pencil style we've seen a lot of recently.  That said, if you're missing the pencil element, the packaging brings it back for you - the cap has a distinctly pencil-y feeling, with a colour-matching nib to boot.

Leila is described as a rose copper shimmer, but I think I'd really describe it as a very twinkly pink.  It's a bit warm toned, but still works well enough on my cool toned skin. It's very shimmery straight off the stick, but blended down it's a bit more subtle - although that doesn't stop you from building it up into full on metallic glamour if you so choose.  You can also apply it as an eyeliner by using the edge of the stick - which hadn't occurred to me at all until I read the product blurb, as it's not really obviously a dual purpose product.

Texture wise, it's very cooling on application, blends easily, and lasts well provided you apply primer first.  There are a myriad of jewel toned shades in the range, and whilst there are a few neutrals, they're still pretty shimmery - this product isn't really for you if you favour the natural look.

At $28 / roughly £18.50, it's not cheap, and having become a convert to Kiko's excellent (and very inexpensive) eyeshadow sticks I'm not entirely sure the more expensive Marc Jacobs product wins out, aside from on packaging and brand name.

You'll find these pretty little sticks at Sephora, who will also ship them to the UK inclusive of tax so you don't get stung on import duty.

Disclosure:  Purchased by me, on the instructions of my stepdaughter.

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