Sunday, 12 October 2014

Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream in Crianza

Another day, another pinky-red lip colour.  This is Bite Beauty's Cashmere Lip Cream in Crianza, and I bought it at Sephora in a hurry whilst in Florida this summer.  Bite Beauty doesn't seem to be available in the UK - which is a shame, as their range of lip products is pretty innovative (lip mask, lip wipes anyone?) and they only use edible ingredients in their products.  Which is obvious when you think about it - we can't help ingesting some of the product on our lips all day - but not actually something most brands aim for.

Anyway - Cashmere Lip Cream is a high pigment liquid lipstick with a cream to powder finish.  It promises a lightweight finish with bold colour payoff.  The applicator is interesting - it's less flexible than most, less fluffy, and has a simple cylindrical shape - the rigidity means you can line and fill the lips very precisely, but it is a little more time consuming than your standard doe foot applicator.

The colour intensity is fabulous, and it feels very, very light on the lip - not quite weighless, as there's a bit of squish when you press your lips together, but definitely lighter than most lipsticks.  My only criticism is that this stuff has a tendency to transfer everywhere - glasses, eating utensils, other people's faces - and that of course means it softens and fades relatively quickly (depending on the frequency of your eating/drinking/kissing of course).

At $28 / £18.50 a pop, it's pretty expensive, and overall I've decided it's nice but not life changing.  If you like intense, creamy, comfortable colour and don't mind a bit of transfer, it's worth trying.  Find it at Sephora, who will ship it to the UK and guarantee you won't get stung on customs fees.

Disclosure:  Bought by me, because I apparently don't own enough pinky-red lip products.

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  1. what a gorgeous shade. I'm a huge fan of bite beauty x

  2. What a gorgeous color! Absolutely perfect for fall and anytime, really. Thanks for sharing, I've been wanting to try this brand.

  3. Love it! I like the color for its sooo sexy on lips and find it classy too. A must try indeed!


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