Saturday, 27 September 2014

Too Faced Cat Eyes Eyeshadow & Liner Collection

Here we have the latest in Too Faced's 9-shades-of-eyeshadow-in-a-tin palette releases - Cat Eyes is a selection of shadows, three of which can be used wet as eyeliner, for a 'ferociously feminine' look.

Inside the tin, you get nine shades of eyeshadow and a fold-out booklet of 3-minute makeup looks.  Behind the booklet, there's decent sized mirror, and as usual, the tin is well constructed and sturdy.

The base shades on the left are in larger pans, with the theory being that they'll be the ones you use the most of, given that they're base shades.  The other six shadows aren't exactly tiny, but they aren't particularly large either.  Luckily, they're generally incredibly well pigmented, so you won't actually need much eyeshadow at all to get good colour payoff.

Purr, Tiger's Eye, Leopard
My favourites are definitely the top row - whilst Purr is very dupeable, Tiger's Eye has a lovely metallic finish which I absolutely love.  Leopard has a nice sparkle to it, and works well as a liner and in the crease.

Meow, Pussy Cat, Jungle Love
The second row has a decent workhorse matte bone shade in Meow, and a very pretty frosted lilac in Pussy Cat.  Jungle Love is only tenuously cat-named, but the mid-purple glitter in the dark purple matte base makes for a very pretty eyeliner.

Kitten, Kitty Glitter, Panther
The last row is a bit throwaway for me.  Kitten is a good but ubiquitous pale pink matte shade, but Kitty Glitter is actually quite sheer - I had to swatch very heavily to get good coverage.  It's a very slightly minty silvery white, but just doesn't pack enough punch for me.  Panther is a good matte black, but you know, any makeup lover worth their salt already has a million matte blacks, right?

Leopard, Jungle Love, Panther (swatched damp)
And finally, the three liner shades swatched damp - Leopard and Jungle Love are pretty stunning, and Panther is still just a matte black.

Now, whilst I'm definitely impressed by some of the shades in this palette (Leopard, Jungle Love, and Tiger's Eye, in particular), I'm not entirely convinced by the palette as a whole.  The theme seems to mostly revolve around the fact that the palette has shadow/liners which allow you to do flicky eyeliner.  The look book claims you can get shaded eyes with cat eye liner in three minutes - anyone who's tried to perfect their cat eye flicks knows that unless you're very, very good, three minutes isn't going to cut it.

Thanks to the slightly weak third row shade lineup, I'm not entirely convinced that this palette is a must have - if you like some of the shades, or you're partial to the leopard print tin, by all means go ahead, but don't expect it to be revolutionary.  Expect it to contain lovely, buttery soft shadows in some nice (and some underwhelming) shades, and expect to get some good liner looks - but don't expect full on, easy feline eyes.

Find it now at BeautyBay, where it costs £35.

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  1. I love the top row! Not sure if the other shades are my cup of tea though
    Summer x

  2. Do you know if i can mix schwarzkopf xxl colour 33 and 37 in one go? I am a natural red head and had no problem from the start, i always jump from these two, could i just not mix these two together in the bottle? Xx

    1. If I were you I'd call the Schwarzkopf care line, the number will be somewhere on the leaflet inside the box, and ask them ;)


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