Monday, 15 September 2014

GOSH To Enjoy in New York Eyeshadow Palette

GOSH's new releases for winter include three new eyeshadow palettes, each boasting nine shades themed around a US city.  There's Vegas, which is full of shimmering brights; LA, with jewel toned blues and purples; and New York, with a more purple-ish take on neutrals.  I've got the New York palette to show you today.

Packaging wise, the pretty cardboard sleeve (which has a handy indication of the enclosed shades along the side) encases what's a very plain looking palette.  Whilst sturdy enough, the basic black plastic palette doesn't hold itself closed very well - it looks like it's a plastic snap closure, but mine doesn't actually snap shut.

Inside, the pans are reasonably large in size, and there's a good mix of matte and shimmer finishes.

None of the shades are metallic, with most having a fairly satin-y finish.

Top row
The top row contains the sparkliest, most shimmery shades - two shades of pale gold which swatch very similar, albeit with the second shade having a tiny bit more warmth to it.  The right-most peachy pink is lovely.  All three apply and blend smoothly, although the soft texture does mean you'll get a bit of fallout.

Middle row
The middle row contains three lovely purple shades - again, they don't look too dissimilar when swatched.  The left-most shade is slightly paler and more pink toned that the other two; the right-most two shades are good neutral toned purples.  I found the texture on these three to be slightly dry and powdery, and I need to build them up a little to get full opacity.  The powdery texture meant that I get LOADS of fall out with these three shades - be sure to have a fluffy brush ready to sweep it away.

Bottom row
The bottom row surprised me - I was expecting three browns, but actually, they're two taupes and a deep chocolate brown.  The taupes are nicely neutral/silvery, just the way I like them.  I can see that middle shade getting some heavy use.  Again, these have a powdery texture, and will need building up (whilst also dropping all over your cheeks).

All in all then, the New York palette has some lovely shade options if you like neutral toned purples, and taupes - it's a bit more varied and interesting than Naked-type palettes.  I'm a little disappointed that the textures are so powdery, but given that the palette is a mere £9.99 for nine shades (£1.11 each!) I can't complain too much.  The New York, Vegas and LA palettes are available now in Superdrug stores.

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  1. What a lovely palette. Love those purples!

  2. Yours must have a faulty clasp, as I picked up the LA one and it's actually hard to get it open! I've gotten good wear out of the shades I've tried so far, without much fallout.


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