Tuesday, 9 September 2014

BUY THIS NOW: Amazing Concealer

It takes real balls to name your product Amazing Concealer.  Expectations are set high, and if it isn't, well, amazing, then you're going to take a lot of flack and probably disappear from the beauty industry pretty quickly.  Luckily, Amazing Concealer is actually amazing.

It's amazing because the pigmentation is so rich that it's more like paint than it is a makeup product.  Despite being so highly pigmented, it manages to look surprisingly natural on the skin - so long as you follow the simple prescribed application technique, that is.  The technique simply advises that you pat it, not rub it, and you use the tiniest speck possible and build up if you need to.  You won't need to, because the tiny speck will surprise you with how many blemishes or undereye circles it can cover - I use the amount of product above to cover both undereye areas, and the three or four healing spots I've got at the moment.  Impressive!

The one thing I'm not quite so keen on is the packaging - it's a teeny tiny tube (since a little goes a long way) and I find it difficult to squeeze delicately enough to dispense only a small amount of product.  What usually happens is that I squeeze out too much, then spend the next few days using the residue left on around the opening of the tube with my fingers, and the residue in the lid with a brush.

Anyway, packaging gripes aside this stuff is absolutely amazing if you're looking for some heavy duty undereye shadow or blemish concealing, and you don't want to go for a dry product like Laura Mercier's much beloved Secret Camouflage.  The price is £19.50 for a tiny 6ml tube - ordinary I'd be affronted that it was so expensive for so little, but given that my sample is still full and I've been using it for a month, I think it's pretty reasonable.  The makers say the 6ml tube should last 6 months, which makes it actually a bit of a bargain.  Find it at Marks and Spencer now.

Disclosure: PR sample

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  1. Haven't had any of this for several years, used to get it off QVC, but it it without dobt the best concealer I've used.


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