Monday, 4 August 2014

New Glasses: Retro Peepers Gidget

Blue Moon
And now for something a little different from makeup!  I recently decided I needed to get some new glasses.  As I like wearing reproduction 50s clothes most of the time, I was dying for some proper cat eye frames - more exaggerated than I've been able to find in mainstream optometrists.  I happened across Retro Peepers, who stock a huge range of vintage repro frames which come in reading strengths, or with clear glass ready for reglazing with your prescription.

I bought a few different styles to try on at home, as Retro Peepers have a generous returns policy to allow you to try on frames rather than taking a gamble.  My favourite was the Gidget - a cat eye frame with an uplifted edge and an elongated shape, which I felt suited me best.  I returned the other frames and bought a couple more colours in Gidget - they were a steal £17 each, with clear lenses.  I then had them reglazed by Ciliary Blue - Retro Peepers recommend them, and provide a discount code when you buy frames for reglazing.  The total cost of each pair was £39.50 - much, much cheaper than the high street, and I have three pairs of awesome glasses to boot!

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