Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Urban Decay Illuminating Beauty Balm

Urban Decay have release two new BB creams this summer - a bronzing one (which thankfully I haven't got to try out) and this illuminating one.  Bit strange, UD releasing BB creams when everyone's already moved on from the BB / CC trend - aren't they a bit 2012 now?

Anyway, the Illuminating Beauty Balm has a light tint, a light texture, and a light smattering of glitter.  Luckily the glitter seems to stay on my fingertips when I blend it in, and thankfully my face has a soft radiance after application, rather than looking like a glitterball.

You don't get a great deal of coverage with this product, but you do get a smoother, softer texture and plenty of illumination thanks to the shimmer particles included.  The tint is slightly warming on my pale skin, and I've had a few compliments of the 'you look really healthy' variety when I've been wearing it.

Overall, though, I'm not entirely sure that this product packs enough punch for its £23 pricetag.  It does give a lovely soft focus effect, but you need skin that's in pretty good nick to wear it alone, and whilst it does add some warmth, it doesn't really do enough to be so expensive.  If it was sold as a primer I might be more convinced, but I generally feel a bit cheated if I can't wear a BB cream on its own.  If you're keen to try it yourself, you'll find it at BeautyBay.

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