Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Perfect Taupe: Makeup Revolution Eye Dust in Etiquette

I'm really loving Makeup Revolution for eye colour at the moment.  I've found their lip products to be pretty hit and miss, but the eye stuff is consistently good - and this Eye Dust is no exception.  Much like MAC's iconic Pigments, it's a loose eyeshadow which can be applied wet or dry, and packs a real pigmented punch.  I bought it in the Etiquette shade, a lovely golden taupe.

The packaging is pretty basic, although Makeup Revolution have kindly supplied a sifter top to prevent the kind of accident that sees you frantically trying to hoover up sparkly powder from your carpet in the morning.  Unlike with MAC's pigments, the lid doesn't really provide you a flat surface for dipping your brush into, so I've taken to tapping a bit of product out onto the back of my hand, and dipping my brush from there.

The colour applies beautifully, and is buildable wet or dry from a subtle sheen to a highly metallic finish.  Etiquette is an absolutely gorgeous colour - it's basically a golden taupe, but it has a purple/gold shift to it which gives it wonderful dimension on the lid.  It's the sort of colour which is neutral enough to go with a whole host of interesting lip/cheek colours, but isn't dull at all.  Paired with lashings of mascara and black eyeliner, it's very, very sophisticated, as well as being very sparkly.

It's also, rather amazingly, a mere £1 in price.  And there are 24 other shades available, from bold to many other variations on taupe.  Hold on to your wallets, ladies!

Disclosure:  Bought by me.

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  1. Love it, looks like a more blended version of Fyr Te Amo,


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