Thursday, 24 July 2014

Nostalgia Alert: Eden EDP

As I waited for a prescription to be filled, I noticed a distinctively green cardboard box in the fragrance cabinet.  I wore Eden in my mid-to-late teens, and I thought I was the epitome of sophistication - whilst my friends were wearing So...? and Impulse body sprays, I was wearing a proper perfume.  A very strong smelling perfume at that.

Needless to say, I had to buy the little bottle of Eden, and I've been pleased to find it almost the same as I remembered it.  It's definitely not subtle - expect to be smacked around the face with sweet, floral notes once you spritz, which quickly settles down into a sweet, freshly green scent.  On my skin, it grows deeper and more oriental, still retaining plenty of green-ness, but giving much more of the sandalwood notes.

It's almost cloying, very intense, and very much a love it or hate it scent.  I still love it - my nose may have become more sophisticated since I was a teenager, but I still like the juxtaposition of oriental greenness with a bit of corrupted sweetness.

What fragrances take you back to past times?  Do you still wear scents you wore as a teenager?

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  1. I flitted between Ghost and Glow by JLo as a teen. I definitely couldnt wear Ghost now, far too heavy, but i still wear glow from time to time. Its got a clean fresh scent much better than most celebrity perfumes!

  2. Eden is it for me, too! I was mid-teen and the scent transported me back to good, innocent fun with my friends. I bought it when it was first released, right at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam when I got back home from the U.S. Thanks for bringing this up, I'm hoarding my bottle of Eden now.


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