Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Introducing Essence Cosmetics

Essence Cosmetics is a European brand now available via Wilko, nationwide repository of domestic goodness, and via some pop up stands at London's Westfield shopping centre.  It's major selling point is that it's a) cheap and b) has a staggeringly large range of products.  Both of these things are unequivocally true - prices are often around the £2-£5 mark, and the brand's page on the Wilko website shows an amazing 459 products.

I tried a few of the products in the range (as shown on my face above) and found myself pleasantly surprised.  Granted, the Long Lasting Lipstick doesn't have the most opaque colours, but it glides on smoothly and lasts well, fading down to an even, soft stain.  Not bad for £2.30.  The No Matter Eye Pencil has a creamy texture and a super sparkly metallic finish which looks much more expensive than the £2.50 pricetag - it did need a little primer to stick to my oily lids, and then lasted the whole day with ease.

My favourite product is the Liquid Eyeliner, though.  For just £2.30, it's incredible - the tapered flocked applicator helps you to draw a thin or thick line easily, and unlike most cheap liquid eyeliners, the liquid itself goes on with a solid, deep black line - no need to go over the line twice for an intense application.

All in all, I've been pretty impressed by the Essence products I've tried out, and next time I walk past the stand at Westfield I'll be investigating their nail polishes and eyeliners more deeply.

Disclosure: PR samples

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