Thursday, 31 July 2014

I ♥ Makeup #SELFIE palette

♥ Makeup is a new diffusion line from the folks at Makeup Revolution - interesting that a brand so new is already branching out!  This #SELFIE palette has caught the imagination of a fair few people since it was released - between it and it's slightly less topically named sister, No Photos, are just right for the Instagram generation.  

What really sets it apart from other reasonably priced palettes is the packaging.  The plastic case is sleek and sturdy, with the #SELFIE inlay being made up of a colour-flipping hologram thing, which changes colours depending on how you look at it.  I put a video of it on Instagram if you'd like to see what it looks like as it moves - it's very hard to describe!

When you go to open the palette, the catch is positioned so that anyone looking at you applying your makeup will see the #SELFIE slogan positioned appropriately in front of your face.  Nice touch, that.

Inside, you get ten eyeshadow shades in a mix of finishes - most are high sparkle, but there are a couple of mattes and more subtle shimmers in there for good measure.  They're all named, but the naming is a little inconsistent - #AWKS and #CHOCFIX?  Hmm.

Naming strangeness aside, the colours are beautiful - and very much in line with Urban Decay's iconic Naked 2.  The colours are typically cool toned, and there are shades from palest pink to deep silver and black.

The first five shades are mostly the soft, subtle daytime ones - there's a killer gold with a very luxe metallic finish, and a number of variations on pale pink.  The solitary chocolate coloured matte isn't quite as well pigmented as the shimmers, and required quite a bit of layering to get the intensity shown on the swatch.

The second five shades are my favourites - apart from the matte black, which is the least pigmented, most wishy-washy, chalkiest matte black I've ever seen.  Ignoring that, though, the other four shades have a wonderful metallic finish and great colour payoff - I particularly like the taupey pink on the left, and the blackened plum on the right.  The shades are the ones to reach for if you're looking for a smoky evening look, or looking to add a bit more drama for the daytime.

This ten-shade beauty is also a bit of a bargain - it costs just £4.99, and comes with a free mini eyeshadow primer (which I found to be pretty crap, but hey, it wasn't the main event).  You can snap it up at the Makeup Revolution website now.

Disclosure:  I received this as a gift.

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