Friday, 25 July 2014

Bourjois Summer Bronzing: Delice de Poudre Highlighter + Universal Tan & Gold Bronzing Powder

Bourjois have two new versions of their chocolate-shaped bronzers for summer this year - one subtle, and one, err, extremely sparkly.  Packaged in study cardboard sleeves with good magnetic closures, the pressed chocolate shape is very pretty, and comes paired with a delicate, sweet scent.

Delice de Poudre Duo combines two blocks of 'universal tan' bronzer with two blocks of a shimmering champagne highlighter.  The bronzer is pretty much matte with the most sparse sprinkling of golden glitter particles - they don't really translate to the face though, and the effect is a subtle, matte bronze.  The highlighter is also pretty subtle, with a pearly glow rather than a metallic shimmer or glitter effect.  If you're pale or medium of skintone, this duo would work well for you - there are no orange undertones in the bronzer, and it's perfect for a bit of subtle sculpting.

The Gold Bronzing Powder is the other end of the spectrum - subtle it isn't.  The box says it's 'sprinkled with rich clusters of sunshine' and what that actually means is that it's sparkly as hell.  The kind of golden sparkly that I'd love in an eyeshadow, but not the kind of sparkly I'd want as a bronzer.  If your skin is a deeper tone, or you're tanned, and you're looking for a hefty dose of shimmer, this'd probably work for you.  Pale people, please avoid.

Left to right:  Delice de Poudre Duo Bronzer + Highlighter; Gold Bronzing Powder
And finally, some swatches.  I had to swatch the Duo bronzer pretty heavily - in reality it's pretty sheer but very buildable.  The swatch of the highlighter gives you some idea of how subtle it is - even in direct sunlight it gives more of a gleam than a sparkle.  Finally, the Gold Bronzing Powder - ordinarily I'd be squeeing over the metallic finish, which is most desirable in an eyeshadow... but I'm not sure how many skintones will find this wearable in a bronzer.

At just £7.99, these bronzing palettes are well priced, with good sturdy packaging and light, soft powders making them a bit of a bargain.  They launch August 6th in the usual Bourjois stockists.

Disclosure: PR samples.

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  1. i thought it was chocolate. i almost wanted to eat it.


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