Sunday, 29 June 2014

Rituals Lotus Secret Candle

I'm not usually one for candles, but this Rituals Lotus Secret candle is rather lovely.  The fragrance of the summer scent Rituals have created is light, fresh and green with plenty of creamy white flowers - it's not the most obvious fruity sweet summer scent, but instead is more grown up and sophisticated.  I'll admit, it was the beautiful packaging which piqued my interest in this candle - when you remove the top part of the box, you find that the candle is nestling within a beautifully folded printed cardboard sleeve, which folds outwards like a lotus flower to reveal the candle within.

In it's sleek white jar, this candle is pretty enough to adorn anyone's bedroom or living room, and it's earned pride of place in front of my fireplace this summer.  It burns cleanly and gives off a subtle scent, enough to add a whiff to the air but not so much that the room is overpoweringly fragranced.

At £19.50, it's expensive, but not quite in the eye-wateringly expensive category (*cough* Diptyque *cough*).  Given the soft scent and the beautiful packaging, it'd make a lovely gift as well as a nice treat for yourself.  Find it now at the Rituals website.

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