Thursday, 19 June 2014

Rituals Energy Bubbles

The online description of this bath foam is a bit misleading- it calls the product a cream bath, where actually it's a clear bath foam.  It is, however, a rather lovely bath foam - softly scented with Indian Rose and Himalayan Honey, it gently perfumes the air, then fades away leaving no scent on the skin at all.  As you'd expect from a foam with a SLS base, it's an effective cleanser, but doesn't do much to condition the skin.  It produces plenty of fluffy, long lasting bubbles, perfect if you like a long bath like I do.

The bottle is gigantic - you get 500ml of bath foam, enough to give you plenty of bathing action this summer - and being Rituals, it's beautifully designed, adding a bit of colourful class to any bathroom.  Find it now at Rituals stores and online, where it costs £13.50.

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