Monday, 30 June 2014

Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer in No Ordinary Love

After my last, utterly dire experience with a Makeup Revolution lip product, I wanted to see if any of the other lip products in the range were any good at all.  So I picked up the Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer in No Ordinary Love as part of a recent order.  It's described as giving 'the most colour intense lips', which unfortunately is complete rubbish - it's semi sheer rather than opaque, and is really a medium-tinted lipgloss rather than a lacquer.

Ignoring the pigmentation problem, it's actually a really nice product.  The texture is moisturising, plush and silky on the lips, and the overall effect is juicy and shiny with a lovely raspberry pink tint.  It's very flattering, and very comfortable to wear.  If you can look past the lack of pigmentation and treat this as a gloss, it's a pretty good deal for a mere £3.  Find it at the Makeup Revolution website.

Disclosure: Purchased by me.

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