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Illamasqua Matte Effect Summer 2014 - Matte Lip Liquid in Surrender and Forbidden, Velvet Blush in Flirtation

Illamasqua's latest collection is all about matte textures.  Like everyone else and their dog, they've developed a matte liquid lip product, and their already-popular Velvet Blush has been treated to a new, coral-tastic shade for summer.

The Matte Lip Liquid product comes with a flexible brush and has a surprisingly fluid texture; it's silky and slick, and you paint it on almost like a watercolour.

Velvet Blush has a lovely emollient texture, without any trace of greasiness - it turns to a powder finish when blended into the skin, giving a matte finish rather than the slightly shiny look so common with cream blush.

Left to right:  Matte Lip Liquid in Surrender and Forbidden; Velvet Blush in Flirtation
Swatched, you can really see the colour intensity in the Matte Lip Liquids.  Dabbed onto the skin, they dry super-super-matte, with even pigmentation and intense colour.  On the lip, though, you have to work really hard to get the same even application - the brush leaves brushstrokes behind, and you'll have to quickly apply two very thin layers to avoid patchiness.

Matte Lip Liquid in Surrender
Matte Lip Liquid in Forbidden
Neither colour suits my pale, pink-toned skintone and both look pretty weird next to my hair, which is currently pink.  I also found the application to be a bit of a chore - two layers to avoid streaks and patches, a matte finish which emphasises every flaw in the lip... it all adds up to a lip look which takes quite a bit of work to get right.  Which isn't what I want to be doing in summer.  I also found the texture to be a bit sticky, even when fully set.  If you can bear the application time and the stickiness, though, you'll get a very long lasting lip - I struggled to remove my swatches without a fair bit of oil cleanser.

Velvet Blush in Flirtation
The Velvet Blush is a much safer bet for me - the colour is a slightly coral/orange toned nude, and it warms up the skin without being too bright or in-your-face, although you can layer it if you like a stronger pop of colour.  I really like the non-greasy, non-shiny matte finish, too.

Overall, the collection is a bit of a mixed bag for me.  I really hoped that Illamasqua would nail the matte liquid lip thing, give us some amazing colours, but the Matte Lip Liquid is a bit too fussy, and the colours aren't going to be flattering on everyone (none of them are flattering on me!).  The blush, though, is a keeper, and I can see myself using it quite a bit this summer.

You'll find the Matte Lip Liquids, £18.50, and Velvet Blush, £21.50, online at Illamasqua's website, or at one of their stores and counters.

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  1. I love the finish of these blushers, I'd love to see more shades launched in that formula. Agree with the matte lip liquids - I had to dab mine on with my fingers to get an even finish x


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