Wednesday, 4 June 2014

BUY THIS NOW: Kiko Unlimited Stylo Lipstick in 3 Hibiscus Red and 6 Poppy Red

Do you like richly pigmented, long lasting lipstick?  Yes?  Well, then, you need to hot foot it down to Kiko's website (or one of their stores) and buy yourself a few of their new Ultimate Stylo lipsticks.  They are, quite undeniably, bloody brilliant.  Apart from the packaging, which is so shiny you can't possibly hope to keep it fingerprint free, but hey, let's focus on the product.

3 Hibiscus Red / 6 Poppy Red
Here I have two of the four red shades in the comprehensive fourteen-strong range.  Hibiscus Red is a pink toned red, and Poppy Red is a more classic blue toned red.  

3 Hibiscus Red
6 Poppy Red
Both shades apply incredibly smoothly, with a soft, melting texture which is emollient and rich on the lips for a minute or so, before it sets down.  Once it's set, there's a slight stickiness if you regularly press your lips together, but nothing too annoying.  The pigmentation is fantastic - a single pass over the lips gives rich, opaque colour.  And I love the finish - Kiko say it's a semi-matte finish, but I say it's proper matte.

As for longevity - I've never met a lipstick which stays on as well as this stuff.  Kiko say it's been tested up to eight hours, and they're right - it remains rich and strong and still comfortable on the lip for the full eight hours.  I've actually pushed it further and worn it for 12 hours a few times in the past week.  It gets a little muted and a little dry after ten hours, but compared to other long wear lipsticks, it's barely dry at all.

In short - I love this stuff.  If you like a matte lip and you like it to last, try one.  I bet you won't be disappointed.  Particularly at the utterly bargain-tastic price of £6.90.

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