Monday, 26 May 2014

YSL Kiss & Blush in Rose Libre and Rouge Libertine

YSL's latest new product is Kiss & Blush, a creamy, semi-opaque product designed to 'kiss your cheeks and blush your lips'.  It promises a luminous matte finish thanks to the light, air whipped formula, and it comes in a myriad of colours from soft neutrals to daring brights.

One of the product's selling points is the 'hidden pearl' applicator, which stores up enough colour to allow you to quickly dot and blend onto the cheeks, or smooth onto the lips.  Which is necessary, really, as this stuff sets down pretty quickly, and if you want a well blended application on the cheeks, you'll need to blend fast.

Rouge Libertine, Rose Libre
The colours are reasonably opaque swatched, but translate a little more sheerly on the lip and on the cheek.  The bright red, Rouge Libertine, is pretty high voltage, though - colours this strong require a soft touch on the cheeks to avoid the Aunt Sally look.

Rouge Libertine
Rouge Libertine
Rouge Libertine is a classic cool toned red on the lips, with a slight translucence which stops it being too formal.  On the cheeks, it blends out to a soft, rosy flush - this was a conservative few dots, blended quickly, and it looks close to my natural flush.

Rose Libre
Rose Libre
Rose Libre is a safer, more neutral pink, which on me is a great my-lips-but-better pink, as it's fairly neutral in tone - I find many soft pinks to be way too warm for my skin.  On the cheek, it gives a very delicate flush which can be built up a little, but remains soft and pretty.

Overall, I like these new Kiss & Blush products, although I think I'm more likely to use the pale pink as a blush than the red.  I've been carrying Rose Libre around in my lipstick bag for a couple of weeks now, and I like the fact that I can touch up my blush on the go without carrying blush compacts and brushes.  At £27, they're scarily expensive - if you get a colour you're keen on for both lips and cheeks, and which you'll carry around for top ups, though, you're getting a very portable, versatile product for your hard earned cash.  Find them on YSL counters, and at the YSL beauty website.

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  1. These look really pretty, I think I would get more wear out of the Rose Libre as I tend to reach for quite a safe lip colour. These are a great concept though & I like the packaging too

  2. Hello - really enjoy reading your blog and was just wondering... this seems like a fairly similar product to the Bourjois velvet you reviewed a few weeks ago - am I right in that assumption? And also, which would you recommend if you were only going to buy one? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jo! Yes, they are a bit similar, aren't they? I think it depends on what you're looking for as to which one to buy - the Bourjois gives you a great matte lip, but the texture sets quite quickly and I'm not sure it'd really work on the cheek. The YSL is good for cheeks and lips, and the colour is slightly more sheer. So, if you're interested in lips only, I'd go for the Bourjois, but if you want a multi-tasker, go for the YSL :)

  3. That's really helpful, thanks! I might go with the Bourjois and get a Bobbi Brown pot with the difference..! Thanks again.


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