Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Urban Decay's newest black liners: All Nighter, 24/7 Velvet, Ink For Eyes and Super Saturated Ultra Intense Cream Eyeliner

Urban Decay have some new eyeliners out, and together they make up an essential kit of ultra dark, ultra long lasting eye looks.

There's a new All Nighter Eyeliner, in UD's signature blacker-than-black Perversion shade, which promises precision and intensity with its twist-up format and firm, waxy formula.  The classic 24/7 pencil has been re-imagined in a matte finish with the Black Velvet shade.  Ink For Eyes is a felt-tip nibbed, almost wet look liquid eyeliner, again in Perversion.  Finally, there's a cream eyeliner - Super Saturated Ultra Intense Cream Eyeliner promises precision or smoky, smudgy perfection that sets fast and holds.  All four are billed as waterproof, and the amount of scrubbing required to remove my swatches certainly proves the long hold promise.

Top to bottom:  All Nighter Eyeliner in Perversion; 24/7 Velvet in Black Velvet; Ink for Eyes in Perversion; Super Saturated Ultra Intense Cream Eyeliner in Perversion
The cream liner (£16) is excellent for graphic flicks, as I posted on Instagram earlier this week, but ultimately it doesn't really stand out from the plethora of cream eyeliners on the market.  Unfortunately I can't help feel a little underwhelmed by Black Velvet (£15).  Yes, it's lovely and smudgy and it goes on smoothly, but it doesn't offer a lot that's new compared to what we're used to with UD's iconic 24/7 liners.

The stand outs are the All Nighter (£15) and the Ink For Eyes (£15) liners.  Both are the deepest, inkiest black, and both afford great precision and control.  I particularly like that the All Nighter Eyeliner balances intensity with smudginess - no matter how many times I smudge it with my fingertip, it still remains intensely black.  Ink For Eyes is easy to use thanks to its fine felt tip nib, and it gives a gloriously sharp line with even intensity along the full length - there's no patchiness, as I've often experienced in felt tip liners.

All in all, Urban Decay have expanded their liner line (see what I did there?) so every eyeliner look is catered for.  Ink For Eyes and All Nighter are both deserving of a place in your makeup bag if you're fond of black liner.

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