Thursday, 1 May 2014

Treatment review: Elemis Face & Body Sensation at Debenhams Oxford Street

If you've been to Debenhams Oxford Street recently, you'll have noticed that their sprawling beauty hall has had a pretty major facelift.  Elemis have a spacious concession, hosting skin analysis stations, the entire range of face and body products, and two treatment rooms - one for quick, half hour long spa treats, and one for more traditional hour-long indulgences.

I popped down recently to try out a Face and Body Sensation - a 55 minute treatment designed to treat the face and the body in one session, for the time pressed.  We kicked off by analysing my skin using a special scanning machine which I've previously only seen at the Elemis spa in Mayfair - the results would be used to tailor my facial to my skin.

After being settled in the room on a very comfy treatment bed, the therapist started off by cleansing my feet with hot towels - which was a good thing, as I'd spent most of the day rushing around and was suffering from tired, sweaty feet.  This is a common start to Elemis treatments - it's refreshing and relaxing, and is a gentle introduction to a treatment.  The therapist then moved on to dry brushing my legs and arms with a stiff-bristled brush - a new experience for me!  I found it surprisingly invigorating, and my skin was left feeling tingly and refreshed.   My pink, freshly brushed skin was then massaged with body oil until I fell sleep from the dreamy relaxingness of it all.

After what felt like hours, I was turned over, wrapped up in a blanket, and my facial began.  A thorough cleanse and tone was followed by some facial massage, exfoliation using the cult Papaya Enzyme Peel, and a fantastic hydrating face mask mixed up and layered thickly onto the face - it dried into a rubbery full-face mask, and was peeled off slowly.  Finally, I was slathered with serum, moisturiser and eye cream - the end of the treatment was marked by the chiming of some temple bells (another Elemis standard).  I skipped out of Debenhams feeling relaxed, invigorated, and with skin that positively glowed with health.

I've been to the Elemis day spa in Mayfair for treatments before, and I can honestly say that the Skin Spa in Debenhams provides exactly the same level of experience.  Run, don't walk, for a little slice of quiet luxury in one of London's busiest shopping streets.

Disclosure: Complimentary treatment received for review purposes

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