Tuesday, 13 May 2014

St Ives Naturally Clear and Fresh Skin Apricot Scrubs

Trying St Ives scrubs again recently transported me straight back to being a teenager.  I clearly remember saving to buy a cleanser by Aapri - it cost a staggering £3 - and placing it carefully in the bathroom next to a St Ives scrub.  St Ives have been a high street staple for many years, and whilst they're not the most sophisticated of scrubs, they get the job done.  The exfoliating action is provided by apricot stone particles, making it a pretty abrasive scrub - you need to be careful not to overdo it or your skin will end up red raw.  The scrubs also contain SLS in the base, so they're a combination of a face wash and a scrub in one.

Now, many of these things aren't what I look for in a scrub - I avoid SLS where possible, and I prefer fruit acid scrubs to those based on abrasive particles.  Those things do push up the average cost of a scrub, though, whereas this one comes in at just over £4.  For a budget brightener, St Ives is a perfectly decent option - just remember to go easy.  I've been using the Blemish Fighting version for a few weeks now, and my skin (which was going through a bit of a rough patch) has calmed down and is much clearer since I started using it.

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  1. im not a fan of this, no matter how much I want to like the cheapness! my mum uses them, and she gets very red skin, I used to use them in my teens and got very red skin, I think these are the cause!

    Catherine x



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