Sunday, 25 May 2014

NOTD: Renunail Graphite

Dr Lewinn's are expanding their popular Renunail strengthener range into nail colour.  Whilst I didn't get on very well with the strengthener (it's better for soft nails rather than peeling nails), the nail colour is actually rather nice.  I applied three coats of Graphite - although I really could have managed with two - and the results are shiny, mid-grey nails.  The photo above shows the polish without topcoat - it's pretty shiny on it's own, and a bit of topcoat makes it very, very glossy indeed.  Application is also good, with the polish spreading smoothly.

The formula contains bamboo, keratin and calcium, which Dr Lewinns claim helps to strengthen the nails as you wear the colour.  Whilst I'm sure they do have some effect, it's unlikely to make a significant difference unless you wear the Renunail polish very regularly - certainly compared to wearing a strengthener under your polish.

Finally, whilst I like the polish consistency, colour and finish, I'm not entirely convinced by the packaging.  At £14 a bottle, these polishes are pretty expensive - £4.50 cheaper than a YSL La Lacque Couture, and £2 more expensive than OPI.  The packaging isn't anywhere near as luxe as it could be for the price - if I'm spending £14 on a polish, I want it to look a bit special.

Anyway, the Renunail colour range launches in mid-June with an initial range of 5 shades, costing £14 each.  You'll find them on the Dr Lewinn's website when they launch.

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