Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Lanolips Rose Balm Everyday for Dry Hands and Nails

Lanolips Rose Balm is a delicately scented, richly moisturising cream which claims to be 'extremely' moisturising, created for everyday use for dry hands and nails.  With that kind of description, I was expecting a heavy cream which leaves the hands soft, but with a residue to ensure plenty of moisturisation.  I was partially right - this isn't the sort of hand cream which absorbs quickly.  A good squirt quickly turns whiteish and heavy as you rub it into the skin, and it does take a fair bit of effort to work it into the skin.

After thirty seconds of rubbing your hands together, a strange thing happens - the cream goes from sticky and heavy to not there at all.  It's almost as if the act of massaging it in primes the skin to suddenly suck it all up, so quick is the transition.  Anyway, once it has absorbed, the skin is left feeling super soft and very well hydrated - the soft, powdery rose scent isn't really discernible unless you put your nose directly on your hand and sniff hard.

At £10.20, this stuff is an excellent option for dry hands, and the moisture provided by a small dab means that the tube will last you a good long time.  Find it now at Boots.

Disclosure: PR sample

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