Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Kiko Cosmetics Life in Rio Collection - Creamy Touch Eyeshadow Duos and Tropical Waterproof Eyeliners

Last week, I showed you a lovely bronzer and a gorgeous blusher from Kiko's latest limited edition collection, Life in Rio.  Today, I've got some of the eye products to show you - specifically, two shades of the double-ended Creamy Touch Eyeshadow Duo, and two shades of the budge-proof Tropical Waterproof Eyeliner.

The Creamy Touch Eyeshadow Duo pencils are chunky and saturated with colour - I've got Violet & Turquoise and Pink & Golden Coral here.  The naming is absolutely spot on with these - they are very, very creamy, gliding over the eyelid and depositing plenty of intensely pigmented colour.

The Tropical Waterproof Eyeliners will be familiar to you if you've ever used GOSH's Artliners, or MAC's LiquidLast Liner.  The formula is one of those thick, richly pigmented, slightly plasticy types, which spread on a little thick and sticky, but set down into something which you'll have to work hard to remove.  The brushes aren't the thinnest in the world, and the thick formula means you'll need to carefully wipe them off to make sure you've got enough product, but not too much, before you apply.

Swatched, you can see the pigmentation and vibrancy of these products - they're bright, flattering, fun and perfect for sunny weather.  I'm particularly fond of that vibrant pink eyeshadow, and the sapphire liner.

And finally, here they are on my eyes.  You can see that the liner has crept onto my lashes a bit - I did have to clean them off before I applied mascara to avoid clumping thanks to the liner deposits.  Liners like this do require a bit of work to master, but once you're confident, you'll get an rich, long lasting line which has a soft sheen and a bit of sparkle to it.  Lovely.  Surprisingly, I found that the creamy eye pencils lasted very well applied atop some primer; their creaminess sets down to a powder finish within a minute or so, and they don't budge or crease from there.

Overall I'm really impressed with the eye products from the Life in Rio collection - the colours are great, the textures workable, and the promise of longevity makes me feel better about wearing colour in the sweaty summer.  Find the collection now at Kiko's website, where the Tropical Waterproof Eyeliners cost £7.90, and the Creamy Touch Eyeshadow Duos cost £9.90.

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