Monday, 12 May 2014

BUY THIS NOW: Clarins Truly Waterproof Mascara

When Clarins' latest colour collection landed on my doorstep, I squeaked excitedly and immediately began playing with the pretty eyeshadows and lip crayons.  I ignored this little tube of waterproof mascara, as I have about a million mascaras on the go at the moment, and my favourite ever waterproof mascara is Hypnose Drama Waterproof, and you know, nothing would ever usurp it.

My friends, I WAS WRONG.  I gave Clarins new Truly Waterproof mascara a go the other day, and it was instant love.  Hypnose Drama Waterproof killing love (sorry Lancome).  Truly Waterproof's brush has those little plastic bristles which give you brilliant definition, and the formula is lengthening and volumising, super black, and when they say it's waterproof and budge proof, they really really mean it.  Seriously, it takes two oil cleanses to get this stuff off my lashes, and even then I wake up with a bit of smudgy rockstar eyes going on.

And here I am wearing it, alongside the lovely eyeshadow palette (more on that later).  This is one coat, which gives great definition, volume and length - two coats is more of the same, with no clumping.

In short, then, if you like waterproof mascara, you should buy this one.  It's brilliant.  And don't forget the extra cleansing oil.  Find it now at the Clarins website for £21.

Disclosure: PR sample (which I will totally definitely DEFINITELY rebuy as soon as it runs out).

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  1. I've never seen a result like that from a waterproof mascara! The brush looks lovely to work with. I will remember this one.

  2. You should try the KissMe Heroine Make mascara remover. Slap some on the lashes, brush your teeth/ use the loo for a few minutes, then tissue off before proceeding with regular oil cleanse (or skip the tissue off stage). It helps to dissolve super crazy Japanese mascara...

  3. I was about to buy the Urban Decay waterproof mascara from Debenhams (10% off), but decided to get this instead! The UD one is all right, but not great. I'm always on the look out for a decent waterproof mascara :)


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