Monday, 28 April 2014

This Works In Transit Spray-On Moisture

As you might have guessed from the flurry of posts about US-only products, I've been doing a fair bit of work related travel to the States recently.  And whilst I love the opportunity to hang out with my American colleagues and maybe visit some of the local shops a tiny bit (ahem), I don't particularly like the flying part - partially because a snowboarding accident last year left my coccyx in a state where I still can't sit for longer than two hours without pain, partially because it's just bloody boring, and partially because my skin hates it.

Flying sucks moisture from the skin, and halfway through an eleven hour flight to the West coast, my skin starts to have visible flaky, dry patches and generally looks a bit crap.  Since I usually travel with colleagues there's no way I'll go barefaced and moisturise all the way there.  And that's where this lovely product from This Works comes in - it's a cabin-approved 100ml spray with plant oils, designed to keep the skin hydrated during travel.  I spritzed myself thoroughly with it throughout my recent flights, and found that my skin survived the trip far better - no dry patches at all.

It works best if you spritz it directly over the face, but if you're worried about accidentally squirting your neighbour (yep, did that), you can spray it into your hands and press it onto the face.  It's also lovely day-to-day for adding a moisture boost, or to soften your makeup if you've accidentally overdone it with the powder.  Find it at Boots or the This Works website from 5th May, where it'll cost you £18 - spendy, yes, but worthwhile if you're a regular traveller or need a bit of moisture during the day.

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