Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow in Metallic Dusty Rose

My recent mini-Sephora spree had to include one of these Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish eyeshadows - I've been keeping half an eye on them since they launched, wondering if there was a space in my life for a super metallic eyeshadow, given that I rarely venture anywhere flashier than the pub of an evening.  My first choice colour, a lovely taupey lilac, wasn't available, so I snapped up Metallic Dusty Rose, which is a very silvery pink.

The little cardboard box contains three items - the eyeshadow itself, a tiny vial of liquid, and a mixing tray.  The liquid and the tray help you to mix the eyeshadow into a super-metallic liquid, which you then paint upon your lids.  You can also use the shadow dry, which gives a more sparkly, less metallic effect.

The texture of the eyeshadow itself is weird.  It's not really a solid, nor is it a powder, nor is it a cream.  It's almost like a ton of metallic flakes held together by a teeny tiny amount of jelly.  Pressing your finger onto the surface does cause it to give a little, and a swipe will get you a fingertip covered with little sparkly flakes of shadow.

Left - dry swatch; right - wet swatch
Natural ambient light

Left - dry swatch; right - wet swatch
Direct sunlight
The effects are stunning, provided you're up for a statement eye, and it's hard to describe just how beautifully this product catches the light - I've put a moving swatch on Instagram to help show how it looks in real life.  I've been really enjoying applying a bit of this colour dry on top of taupe eyeshadow for a neutral but sparkling look - I've yet to wear the full on metallic look in anything stronger than a flick of liner.  For applying dry, I'd recommend using a finger, and dabbing very carefully across the lid - it can be hard to get even application otherwise.  Applying wet is best left to a synthetic brush for ultimate smoothness.

I paid $32 for mine at Sephora - whereas over here, the Stila website is selling them for a staggering £33.50.  That's a pretty insane price differential - even adding tax to the US price doesn't bring it anywhere near the UK price.  If you fancy one of these, ask someone to bring you one home from the US rather than indulging here.

Disclosure: Purchased by me in a surprisingly restrained Sephora haul whilst in Seattle.

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  1. WOW thats one metallic shadow. I love the finish its so pretty

  2. I really really love this! I'm following you :)

    Yulia Vorobeva


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