Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Quick Pick: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Cherry

I picked up Fresh's iconic Sugar Lip Treatment on a recent work trip to Seattle - I chose the tinted Cherry version, and I was very surprised to find that it's actually pretty pigmented for a tinted lip balm.  As you'd expect, it's tinted with a cherry red pigment, and it's akin to a sheer lipstick rather than to a tinted balm - I've been using it a lot when I want a soft red lip which isn't too shouty.

As a lip conditioning treatment, it's amazing - it goes on silky and buttery, but not in a thin layer which wears away quickly - there's a waxy element to it which sticks to the lips very well.  After a few hours, it wears away, leaving nothing but a whisper of colour, and lips which are soft and hydrated, and stay that way for the rest of the day.  Brilliant.

Fresh are stocked at Sephora, and you can now have one of these babies shipped from the Sephora website for $22.50.  Fresh do also have a shop in the UK, but no online presence at all, but you can call them up and place an order over the phone.  You'll find more details on the shop on the Fresh website.

Disclosure:  Purchased by me, in a very restrained trip to Sephora, in which I bought only four things, one of which was a replacement for something I'd finished.  Impressive, huh?

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