Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Pur Minerals Spring/Summer 2014 Chateau Collection - Powder Blush in Sassy & Lipsticks in Starlet and Jezebel

Pur Minerals' latest collection for Spring/Summer 2014 draws inspiration from wine and vineyards, and uses 'wine extract' for an anti aging effect.  There's little detail on what this 'wine extract' actually is, but unfortunately, the blushes, lipsticks and glosses from the range won't get you tipsy.

Powder Blush in Sassy
Powder Blush in Sassy
Powder Blush in Sassy

Powder Blush in Sassy is a rich berry shade with plenty of red in it.  It warms up my skin a treat, and is very highly pigmented - the first time I used it, I was a little too heavy handed and ended up with comedy red cheeks, so go easy unless you want to draw the Aunt Sally comparison.  There's a bit of golden glitter in there, which translates into a gentle shimmer on the skin.  Very pretty, although I can't help feeling like this colour is a bit more autumn/winter than it is spring/summer.

Lipsticks in Starlet and Jezebel
Lipstick in Starlet
Lipstick in Jezebel
The lipsticks have a lovely emollient texture which glides onto the lips and hydrates beautifully.  Unfortunately, the moisturising texture makes for a fairly short wear time - I get a couple of hours before they fade down and require reapplication.  Starlet is a classic red - the sort of red I automatically love.  Jezebel is less lovely.. I had high hopes for it in the tube, but it's patchy and a bit too brown on the lip, and I don't think it goes well with my pink-toned skin.

These products are in the Clinique/Clarins range, with the lipsticks costing £16 and the blush £19.50.  I'm pretty impressed with the blush - it's high pigmentation, rich colour and solid packaging make it worth the pricetag - but the lipsticks don't perform like high end lipsticks, and their packaging feels decidedly cheap.

You'll find Pur Minerals exclusively at Marks and Spencer Your Beauty, and this range launches in store and online sometime this month.

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