Monday, 21 April 2014

Paul & Joe Stormy Weather Eyeshadow Trio and Kitty Case

The internet was made for cats, so Paul & Joe must have known their kitty-adorned makeup cases would get plenty of blog coverage just because they feature felines.  And I'll admit, I decided to buy an eyeshadow trio mostly because I saw the case first and wanted something to put in it.

Anyway, the kitty case is made from sturdy cardboard, and comes empty.  You can choose to fill it with eyeshadow or blush - the pans snap straight in and are held in place with a magnet.  You can then replace the product once you've used it up (assuming you ever finish anything up - I certainly don't).

I chose the Stormy Weather eyeshadow trio - three shades of shimmering grey, which I chose mostly because of that lovely grey-taupe in the middle.  I'm a sucker for a grey taupe, really I am.

Swatched, you can see that they have a lovely sparkly finish, almost metallic but not quite as flashy.  Applied to the lid, they're a bit more subtle than this swatch would imply - unless you pack on the colour you're going to get a soft wash effect rather than full on shimmer.  That dark grey is particularly good for a bit of gentle smokiness atop the lash line, and the middle taupe-grey is absolutely stunning if you go in for taupe.  I just wish the sparkling bright white had been replaced with something a bit more interesting - I have a million bright sparkling white shades.

And a final gratuitous kitty-case shot.  I'm not sorry.

You'll find the case and the eyeshadow trio at ASOS, where the whole set will cost you £21 (because Stormy Weather is on sale).  The normal price for a trio and case is £7 + £23 = £30, which is quite a hefty price tag for three shades of eyeshadow in a cardboard case.  Granted, it's a really pretty cardboard case, but if you lug it about in your makeup bag, it will start to look a bit battered.

Disclosure:  Bought with my own hard earned pennies, alongside two skirts, because you can never have enough black full skirts right?

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  1. I like the smokey colours, they're pigmented & pretty - the seller for me is the cute kitty packaging. So sweet

  2. Please please please can you tell me the measurements of the inside bit of the case? I'm wondering if I can put different brand eyeshadow blocks in the case x


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