Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Urban Decay Electric Palette

Hey!  Urban Decay have a new palette out, and it's NOT a neutral palette.  In fact, it's the exact opposite of neutral.  So much so that when I started taking photos of it this weekend, my husband asked me if it was kids face paint, and if so, why I was taking photos of it.  Sigh.  Say hello, folks, to the Electric palette.

Looking at the shades in this palette, though, I can kinda understand why he thought they were face paints.  Most of these shades are so insanely bright that my camera struggles to pick up the brightness in the pan (wait for the swatches, they're totally accurate and AMAZINGLY bright).

Now, there's been a bit of controversy over this one, because the US version has a warning on the back saying that some shades shouldn't be used around the eyes, and the European version doesn't.  The reasoning for this is purely that some of the pigments aren't approved by the US health authorities for use around the eyes, whereas in Europe they are.  No conspiracy, but it does highlight the fact that the pigments used in this palette are unusual.  They are, in fact, pressed pigments rather than eyeshadows, and that's apparent in the texture - some are so soft they're crumbly, some cause the worst fall out ever.  The pigmentation, though, is intense.

Revolt, Gonzo, Slowburn, Savage, Fringe

Chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak, Thrash
 See what I mean?  Intense colour, saturated finish whether matte or shimmer.  Messy as hell.  These are definitely colours to apply before your foundation.

And now, an opportunity to see some of the colours in action, alongside some dodgy blending.

Chaos, Jilted, Thrash, Freak

Chaos, Jilted, Thrash, Freak
I had so much fun with this look - it's been a long while since I just applied makeup for the creative joy of it.  These colours really bring out that joy.

So, will I wear this palette regularly?  Probably not as shadow, but I will use it for bright eyeliner, which is quicker to apply in the morning.  Will this be a best seller for Urban Decay?  Probably not quite as much as the Naked series.  Is it an antidote to the super neutral palettes we've seen a lot of lately?  Yes.  Hell yes.

Find it now at Debenhams for a spendy £38.

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  1. I want this so much. It's getting harder to resist buying it.

  2. this really suits you! I think hazel/green eyes work very well with super brightness like this :)

    Catherine x


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