Thursday, 6 March 2014

Pretty but Pointless: Clarins Opalescence Face and Blush Powder

I've been a bit inconsistent in posting about Clarins' spring collection, Opalescence.  Fear not, though, we've been through most of them pieces now, and the glorious cream blushers and smoky plum eyeshadow are definitely my favourites so far.  The Opalescence Face and Blush powder is a classic Clarins offering - beautifully packaged, intricately embossed... it's definitely a collector's piece.

The outer packaging is heavy plastic and metal with a lovely light-bending opalescent lid which is a bugger to photograph.  Those are my patio doors reflected there.  Nice, eh?

The product itself is a light toned powder with smaller dots of beige and pink, and a smattering of golden overspray.  I did try to swatch it, but it doesn't really show up much - it's a slightly glowy finishing powder.  I'm not entirely sure why Clarins are selling it as a blush, as the smaller, more colourful parts of the compact are small enough that it's quite difficult to get colour from just them onto a brush.

At £30, it's an expensive prospect for something which is aesthetically pleasing, but doesn't really add a lot of value as a piece of makeup.  If you like a slightly glowy face powder, and your skin is of the light-to-medium toned variety, you might like it.  Or, you might struggle to touch a brush to that beautiful embossing.  Find it at the Clarins website, if you have money to burn on pointless but pretty things.

Disclosure: PR sample

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  1. And yet... I still want it!

    1. I know, there's a strange pull to it even though it's a bit pointless - probably the packaging and the detailing!


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